With over 700 Members in 55 Groups in 30 major cities around the globe, TIGER 21 broadens your network to include some of the world's most talented entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and executives.

Membership brings the dual benefit of an intimate group of confidantes whom you meet with monthly, as well as a broad community of peers to connect with around the world.  



Monthly group discussions range from financial issues and investment opportunities, to philanthropy and family concerns. Meetings take place in a "no sell" environment where the dialogue is relevant, candid, and impactful.

At the heart of our group meetings is the Portfolio Defense, where once a year, each Member presents his or her portfolio to their group for an in-depth review. This process helps Members identify potential problems with their investments as well as opportunities.



  • At our Annual Conference, Members hear from a variety of global thought leaders and industry heads on topics ranging from geopolitics to artificial intelligence to cryptocurrency.
  • Our local and regional events for Members and their spouses/significant others give Members time to build meaningful relationships outside of their group meetings.  
  • One-of-a-Kind Member Trips  include special-access events and extraordinary experiences.